Injured?     In Pain?     Inflamed?

Whether a car accident, sports injury, fall, or any other type of acute injury, use what many consider to be the world’s best and most effective all natural anti-inflammatory from Core Science.

This all natural anti-inflammatory, with specialized joint and tissue nutrients to maximize your injury recovery, is your best choice to quickly recover from acute injury and reduce inflammation and pain without delay. Based on the latest science, avoid the adverse side effects of prescription and over the counter drugs.  Great for elite athletes, car accidents and everyday injuries.

Super Multiplying Factor

Acute Injury Plus from Core Science utilizes its exclusive super multiplying factor.  Each pack contains 4 tablets, each of which has been shown to be beneficial in treating acute injury.  Combined, the effects are synergistic and unlike most other anti-inflammatories, it actually doubles as a digestive aid which is easy and beneficial to your stomach.  Far beyond an anti-inflammatory its specialized joint and tissue nutrients including proteoenzymes also help repair and speed recovery of your injury safely and effectively.

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